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Talk with Toddler: 43 Months

Hi Monster,



What an interesting start to the year it has been.

So much growth and motivation for more growth has been seen.





What can I say, you’re about 75% potty trained. And you didn’t want to sit and pee like the norm does.

Nope. You didn’t even want to come close to the loo each time I mentioned it. Then somehow, {by miracle maybe} I managed to teach you to stand and use the loo. Yip, Mama has her shining moments.

I think most of the credit goes to the sticker system. Every time you had a successful session, you added a sticker to your Potty Training chart. For every five successful sessions, you get a treat. Of course, you being you, tried to bypass the system.
{Remember the time you packed all your veggies into your pocket at school so the teachers would think you ate them?}.
You decided that by going every few minutes to the loo meant you’d be able collect more stickers to fill up your chart.

This is one of the most important lessons you will learn in life. Cheating will get you nowhere. Working hard will help you grow and achieve your goals. Bypassing the system just takes you a step back.

So I took away the chart because you were using it for the wrong reasons and you never asked for it again. I’m loving the enthusiasm you show when you have gone to the loo. Such pride.

I even taught you to lift both seats before using the loo and closing both after you are done. I know there are three men living under our roof, but there is also a lady.
Let’s not forget you flushing and washing your hands with no issues attached.

This is a milestone we have finally reached. Whoop whoop! Mama is so proud of you!

{We’re still getting the hang of nr.2 business but we’re getting there. Although i will never forget the day I spent cleaning the toilet and surrounding areas. I will never forget! To think I will be going through all this again with your brother *tiny cringe*},

Milestones mean progress. With you being behind with your mental development and having to catch up on a lot missed, I am proud of how well you are doing.

In many ways, you have bettered at a lot of activities and you show determination to try and do better. It is fantastic seeing you get along with other kids better and participating in activities.

You start your occupational therapy soon and as worried as I was when we first received the news, I’m excited! I’m excited to see you grow even more! To improve in many ways. I’m excited for the journey ahead of us.

You are a fighter. You fought during your birth. You fought for survival.

You’re my little Warrior.

I use to compare you to other kids and wish you were talking more and doing more things. I felt awkward at times when people asked me why you can’t speak and why you aren’t even slightly potty trained. Today I am proud to say that I don’t do that anymore.

You are who you are. You are my son and I accept you in every form, every drawback and every delay. You are my little Monster, and you are perfect the way you are. Sure, we have a lot of work lying ahead of us. But we are doing it together. We are fighting together. We are one.

I love you, my little boy.
Keep your smile.

You are perfect. Never ever forget how much you are loved.
Your Mama

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