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Blog Series | Gender Switch – Yvonne

“So you wake up one morning and you realize that your mind is the same but your body is that of the opposite gender. What do you do with your discovery?”

1. Name: Yvonne12392054_10206914128547511_2079661898428410160_n

2. Gender: Female

3. Status (Single/Married/etc): Single

4. Age: 30

5. Top three things you would do if you woke up to find yourself as the opposite sex for the day?Speaking honestly and not being shy at all, the first 3 things I will do is: (for science…lol…)
– Firstly I would love to do is wake up scratch my ‘balls’ and go pee outside against a tree (and see if you can pee upside down.. lol…), always wanted to know the pleasure a man gets from it.

– Secondly I will like to know how the brain down stairs work, how it moves, I will jump up and down swing it around, whack it from side to side. Lol… experiencing all the pressure and pleasure points

– Thirdly I will stand in front of the mirror and flex, because it is all about fb and selfies of flexing these days. Bwahahaha….

6. Would you allow yourself to do things that otherwise you wouldn’t approve?
Of course yes, I would say I would do more risky things – not that I would not approve of normally but more in the sense of doing things that is too risky to do myself but would love to do – like chasing 220 miles an hour on the highway, ramp someone with a trolly that takes the whole shopping lane for themselves – you know something a guy would do 😉

 7. What would be the top three things in your opinion that the opposite gender gets away with? 

In today’s life gender is not a factor anymore, we basically all get treated the same way.But in society, the men can sleep with a lot of women and gets to be called the day, but unfortunately, a lady will sleep with a few and be called a slut.

Driving – well we all know that one… we have been told men can drive woman well ladies apparently we can’t drive at all.

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