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Book Review | Trafficked by Sophie Hayes

Pages: 308 {Paperback}IMG_1329
Published: January 2012

Rating: 8 out of 10

Being a fan of real-life stories and events, I actually really enjoyed the book. The way Sophie explained her experience, about falling in love with the perfect guy and ending up working as a sex slave because of him made you feel like you were there with her every step of the way.
You shared her laughs, her tears, her fears and anxiety. Reading the lines from the book made you feel like you were standing next to her during the cold nights, engulfed in fear and fearing for your life.

It is a graphic book when it comes to explanations revolving the violence she experienced, the sexual encounters as well as harsh language. Personally, I feel that if it wasn’t written in such a way, with the hard truth entailing the reader, it wouldn’t have been as great as I had found it to be.

As graphic as the book may be, I would suggest that every single teenager girl aged 15 and higher should read this book. Read this book and acknowledged the dangers out there. Acknowledge that not everyone out there is a friend. Not everyone out there can be trusted.

6 thoughts on “Book Review | Trafficked by Sophie Hayes

    1. I have so many books I have bought over the few years that I haven’t gotten to reading in the first few years. So I’m catching up. Expect a few more coming up šŸ™‚

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