Random Thoughts

Moment of Redemption

Take my words of shame and throw out the ashes,
Let them fall onto land of general hate.
The way fate brings sins to all the crashes,
Thus when redeemed, clocks signal its too late.

Forget love, it can melt a mountain of riddance,
Seeking winds of wisdom’s created grace.
Fearfully open the blinds doors of chance,
Correct the windows as they mistake the race.

Make peace with the inner demon from Hell,
A true friend that was cast in the fire.
Troubled waters bring thus stories to tell,
Explaining madness of deadly desires.

An army of sinners we cast into the ice,
Stoned feet shuttered by the wicked strength.
Raised arms are calling, calling on Christ,
For His Mercy the soldiers will go to any length.

My Emo stars will shine in regret alone,
Black Poison Blood rains on the crowd.
All love and pureness will turn to white snow,
All the love guilt will shine; saved and proud.


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