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Blog Series | Gender Switch – Elma

“So you wake up one morning and you realize that your mind is the same but your body is that of the opposite gender. What do you do with your discovery?”

1. Name: Elmamale-female-icon

2. Gender: Female

3. Status (Single/Married/etc): Married

4. Age: 42

5. Top three things you would do if you woke up to find yourself as the opposite sex for the day?
I will make my wife a cup of coffee, waking her up gently and then ask in a very sweet voice how long breakfast will be.
Then I will put on the TV and watch some boring stuff.
Later I will get into my car and drive like a bat out of hell – just because I can.

6. Would you allow yourself to do things that otherwise you wouldn’t approve?

7. What would be the top three things in your opinion that the opposite gender gets away with? 
Being rude.
Gossip and call it exchange of information.
Sit and do nothing while other people in the house do all the work.

8. What are the top three benefits of being the gender you are?
I understand emotions better.
I can handle pain better.

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