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Life Handed Me Lemons – I Took it as Wisdom


Every experience, regret and decision forms our lives.
From all that we learn a few valuable lessons that we take with us until our dying day.

Here are some lessons I’ve learned up until now:


Everything Comes with a Price:
That’s life. No matter what you want, you can’t achieve it without putting a little effort into it.

Keep your friends close, but your family closer:
It amazes me how certain family members are always open to receiving help when offered, but are nowhere to be found when you need a hand.
Would an “Are you okay?” kill you?

Choices You Make Today are the Consequences You Face Tomorrow:
Sometimes the decisions you make at one point in time turn out to be the brightest down the line. You have no way of knowing what the future holds of course. It’s always a gamble.

Pain in Temporary:
We all go through it; it’s a normal human “emotion”. It’s your choice to how long you want the pain to last, though.
Healing is a journey, you need to take the first step.

Regret Comes Later:
It’s true. We make decisions in the moment, then wish we hadn’t when we realize we messed up. I’ve learnt this; if in doubt, get out. Turn around and walk away.

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