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Baby Babbles: 8 Months

Dear Gremlin,1455267369002

It has been eight months and a few days from when I first held you in my arms.
What a little bundle of joy you were. And I stand corrected, the little bundle of joy you are.

On this day, as soon as I went into theater, I wanted to walk out again. Still pregnant. I was overwhelmed, anxious and frightened of the whole procedure. However, it wouldn’t have been safe for you to come into this world in any way. So I went under the knife and less than an hour later, we were holding you in our arms, safe and sound.

We’ve come a long way since then.

For the  last month, you have been walking against the1455267175191furniture. All over the show, whatever you can get your hands on. At eight months, I didn’t know that was even possible. However, we try keeping up with you as you go along and hit milestones.

Last week you said your first word. “Dada” is now on repeat and Dada is over the moon. I guess it is fair for him to “win” this round and take the cherry on the cake.  It’s scary how the more milestones you reach, the older you look to me. I mean, of course, I know you’re still a baby but you seem more grown up.



About three weeks ago, we landed up at the doctor with you. You kept experiencing a pain
under your left armpit every time you were picked up. After the doctors examination the results came back but nothing was found. All we were told was to give you painkillers and see if the pain went away. If it didn’t we would have to take you in for further tests.
Lucky for us, you were feeling better in a few days ago and back to your usual self.

Now that you’re very mobile, you’ve started showing more personality. Which means that fighting is now a possibility, with Monster. Yes. A few times a day, depending on the situation you and Monster fight over a toy, or fight because one is irritating the other.
How fun it is to watch sometimes, and catch all the tears falling. Makes me feel needed.

Love you lots, my cheeky Gremlin!1455267217624

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