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10 Ways to Avoid Being a Cliché on Valentine’s Day

It’s the least romantic day of the year {in my opinion}.

Source: http://www.puckermob.com

It doubles the cost of every restaurant, it triples the cost of a dozen roses, it’s checkmate.

You can’t win. Follow the cliches and you receive a day full of dirty looks. Try not to do anything at all and you’re still stuck in the same boat.

Here is some advice revolving avoiding Valentine’s Day cliches and making the day extra special for your special other.

  1. Avoid Restaurants
    If you don’t want to receiving condescending looks from your waiter, whose is probably thinking “So creative to come up with this idea”, you might want to avoid going to a restaurant. As well, prices double on this “International Day of Love”. Your wallet cries along with you.
  2. Be the Cook
    Take it a step out of normal and cook for your significant other. This way you are able to prepare the dish that you know your date will love. Take it up a notch a little and pack all the foodies into a picnic basket and set off for a beautiful park or botanical garden.
  3. Get Tickets
    One of the best ‘thinking outside of the box gifts’. If you have no idea what to do for a gift, dish out some tickets to a sports game, live performance or stand-up comedy act that you know your date will LOVE!
  4. Please, no ROSES!
    When you think of buying flowers, move along and away from the roses. One of the generic gifts on Valentine’s Day, and seemingly the only flower existing in the world. Also, let the flowers accompany another gift that you are giving.
  5. Personalize the gift
    Don’t just give the gift of chocolates, teddy bears and flowers because the day dictates it. Make it something unique; something special that will be remembered and appreciated over the years of receiving the same present.
  6. Lower expectations
    Turn the whole affair into a surprise. If you’re dating, you’ll always be expected to whip something on the day. Instead play it cool, keep a low profile, show a slight lack of interest. All this while you’re planning a magical day on the side. Your date will be through the roof with the surprise showdown.
  7. The Envelope and the Card
    Don’t go out and choose a card to sign because it has a pretty cover on the front. Open the card and read the message on the inside. Think about how many people will be receiving the same card on the day. Does it seem special? Instead choose a card where you can write your own personal message in and watch the appreciation flow.
  8. No ‘Coupon’ Books
    These were cute in early high school. Where you spent a month before the day drawing, sticking and putting together the best coupon’s book that you would make you someone else’s bitch for a few days {and by honest, you loved it!}.
  9. Self-deprecate
    A little self-awareness will take the edge of Clichéwood. If you do take the road down Cliché-ward, at least try be original in some sense. Instead of bringing home roses, and with no expression, hand them over to your date – it won’t work so well in your favor. Get the roses, it’s fine. Arrive at your dates and say something like, “I thought that this year, I’d be really, reeeally original and get you something no one else will get: roses.”. They laugh. You laugh. You’ve done well.
  10. Don’t Ignore It
    Yes. This is a cliché. Some of us suck so bad at choosing gifts and planning dates that we choose to ignore the day altogether. You don’t need to be a gift whiz to pull off the perfect day. Think a little outside the box. Think back to conversations your date had about what they like and don’t. You’re bound to find something!

Now go out and kill the clichés and make the day for your special someone unique and creative.


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