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Mr. Mama


Let’s get some things straight up on the table.

1. Yes, I’m young.
2. Yes, I’m a Mama.
3. Don’t tell me how to raise my child.

I can’t explain the amount of pissed off I feel when “older” parents try & teach me something they think I don’t already know.

Hello? Does it look like I need your fucking help? Surely if I didn’t know what I was doing, I wouldn’t have a child under my legal care, nor for that matter, a healthy & alive child. Logic…

Fair enough, there are mothers that are very young (high school) who you could be feeding this to. Maybe start off by preaching to them about underage sex. Goodness knows its too late for that talk if you’re giving parenting advice though.

I don’t need your “just in case” advice. If I needed it, I would have asked or asked radical Google for that matter? We live in a pretty advanced age now, you know…

I don’t give a shit if you have more than one kid, or adopted half of Africa – it doesn’t make you a baby expert. It doesn’t mean you know everything, it makes you THINK you know everything. Here’s an eye-opener – YOU DON’T.
Accept & move on. In case you haven’t noticed but different parents have different methods to raising their children, & one will never agree to the ways of another. Another fact to accept.

So I will fucking raise my child that way I feel is correct.
Fuck you. Fuck your advice. Which, by the way, isn’t advice when you’re trying to shove it down my throat.

Just because I’m young & “fragile” – another reference from you towards me I hate – doesn’t mean I don’t know what I’m doing. I’m a tough one, (you may however refer to me as a bitch), I don’t take crap easily. You won’t be any different. This Mama takes both roles of Mama & Dada at times (when Dad is not around).

Mama will still feel some potential empathy. But Mr. Mama is another type of evil you don’t want to encounter, even on a good day.

Have you ever been in such a situation before? What did you do about it?

5 thoughts on “Mr. Mama

  1. Hi Annie!
    Loved your post girl!! Real and authentic is the ONLY way to be! I can totally relate 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts! I agree with you 100%!

    First time here (visiting from FB “Blogging On Your Own Terms”) Great blog!!

    Have a great day!

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