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Review: The Flash Series

theflash1So I’ve recently finished watching the first season of The Flash.

I must say, I was sceptical when I started watching the show. I’ve never been a fan of the DC Comics. I’m more of a Marvel girl.
However, I am impressed with the outcome.

As far as season one goes, I was kept on the edge of my seat. Towards the end of the season, I couldn’t stop watching the show. It was keeping me on the edge of my seat and there were times where I was jumping up and down in front of the TV when something mind blowing was revealed. I love the little catches and the twist and turns in each episode, where the truth was showed in small dosages, still leaving the curiosity running enough to want to go to the next episode immediately.

I must say, I love the way some of the other characters were brought in; The Arrow, The Burning Man, The Atom. It made it so much more worthwhile. Seeing how all the characters connected to each other, it creates a world of imagination in your head where you are pretty much forced to find even more DC Characters and see how they all fit in and connect to each other.

Best series character: Eonard Thawne/Harrison Wells/Reverse-Flash
You would think I’d say The Flash/Barry Allen but no. He’s my number two in the series. No, I prefer Dr. Wells. He is cunning, intelligent and sly, oh so sly. He makes the perfect villain. Or should I say supervillain.

Worst series character: Iris West
She just irritated the crap out of me from the middle of the series on. Especially after the episode where Barry confesses to her. She gets weird. She actually seems to be pulling both him and Eddie Thawne on a string behind her and can’t really decide what the hell she wants. I don’t like her at all.

3 thoughts on “Review: The Flash Series

  1. If you continue watching the series, which I’m sure you will, you have to watch the Arrow with it.
    Especially in Season 2 of The Flash, there are a few episodes where you need to watch the episode of The Flash, then an episode of Arrow and then the next episode of The Flash, otherwise it doesn’t make sense.

    I’m also a Marvel girl, but DC have really up’d their game with their series lately.
    Oh, also, Legends of Tomorrow has just started and that’s a spin off with The Atom, Canary (becomes White Canary), Captain Cold (Wentworth Muller) and 2 other characters who I forget their names right now.
    Enjoy! 🙂

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