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Baby Babbles | 7 months

Dear Gremlin,

The last month has been interesting with a lot of new experiences formed.

Starting off the letter, I’m kind of glad you have gotten out of the ‘Needy Baby, Greedy Baby’ stage {Yes, I took this from HIMYM}.
Now that you are mobile, you don’t care about being in the arms all the time. I appreciate this a little as I’m now able to attend to dinner in peace. PicsArt_01-12-10.47.02

Your mobility has opened up a whole new world. You are crawling everywhere. Everywhere.
And you are super fast. Leave you in one place, close the room and you are already next to me. It amazes me how you push through to achieve a task. And how frustrated you become when you can’t achieve it fast enough. I must say, it’s a little adorable.


It took you about three weeks to figure out crawling. A few days later, you started standing up against the furniture. Now you are trying to figure out how to shuffle your feet in order to move forward. You are seven months old, where are you rushing off to?
It’s nice having a baby in the house again. Don’t grow up too fast.




Now apart from being mobile, you still love your cuddles. How to wrap your arms around my shoulders and bury your head in my neck and just stay still. These are the moments that will never be forgotten. These are the moments that will be treasured and remembered for as long as I live.

You’ll always remain Mommy’s little baby.

Never lose the sparkle in your eyes.
I love you, always.
Your Mama



3 thoughts on “Baby Babbles | 7 months

  1. Aaaah, this made me a bit teary, but in a good way!
    My little one is the same age and also reach the same milestones. They just seem to grow up soo quickly! And there is nothing much that can beat those neck snuggles.

    Thanks for sharing!

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