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Hello 2016

Good evening, pretty New Year’s day.whatsapp2b20162bdp
Welcome into my world. I greet you with open arms.

As some believe in the saying that a new year brings a new beginning, I’ve decided to believe in it as well for the first time in a long time.
I usually believe in celebrating life birthday to birthday as that’s the day your life officially started, so celebrating a year passing would be perfect on that day. Unless you were born on the 1st of January, in that case believe away.

I’m choosing to believe in the new year-new beginnings because of the year I have lived through. Please 2016, don’t be a repeat of 2015 in any way. Let it stay a reminder of what my shouldn’t be like. Let it remain a reminder of what you shouldn’t bring over to me to go through.
Building up life experience great but I think I learned enough lessons last year to know what I don’t want repeated.

So 2016, please bring with you health, wealth, love, happiness, adventure, skills, memories, beauty, hope and safety.
Look out for my family. Look out for my friends.

2016, let’s be the best of friends.

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