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2015 in Under 30min… and GO!


The first thing I can say about 2015 is that I never want a year like this ever again. Ever.
Although there were one or two things to celebrate, there were a handful of things to frown upon.

February: I started working in the industry I’ve always wanted to. I’m a content and copy writer, which means I get to write every single day. I’m loving it. I cut my goal by five years to accomplish this and it’s something I’m very proud of.

March: Monster had to be moved from his school to a new one because things just weren’t working. He was being bullied by the other kids, which caused him to lose his trust (even in us), he stopped talking, he stopped eating and taking naps at school, and he crawled into a shell and shut the world out.

April: Byren left his job to start a new business venture with some business partners. It was an exciting time for us because it held a lot of opportunities and benefits. It would give him more time at home with the family and more time for his rugby.

May: Monster’s progress at his new school was made very clear. He was eating and sleeping again, he started trying to communicate with us as well as the kids at school. With his regression, he stopped using words and started babbling again. Two months at his new school took him from being an introvert to the extrovert kid we know him as. It was great to see him being himself again and enjoying his childhood again.

June: Little Gremlin was welcomed into the world and what a journey it has been having two kids under one roof. How blessed we are to have such beautiful and cheerful children.  Monster completely loves his little brother and protects him. I never imagined having more than one child, but looking at him today, I can never imagine a life without him.

August: Our car was once again involved in an accident. A lady skipped a red light and into our car she went. We had to wait almost two months for her insurance to pay out so we could fix our car. We sat without transport for two months, not being able to go anywhere and do anything for ourselves. Later on that month, I lost two close people in my life. My granddad, Andrei, who passed away from old age and then two weeks later we received news of one of our closest friends passing away in an accident.

October: With Byren’s new business venture being one of the biggest excitements in our lives, it turned into one of the most devastating ones. The business wasn’t paying out any money and the business partners decided to leave the sinking ship, leaving Byren to fend for himself. At this stage, we were knee deep in debt, months behind on payments. My salary wasn’t nearly enough to cover even our basic expenses and we were struggling to get food into our home and baby supplies.

November: With us hitting financial rock bottom, I was left to ask for food donations to be able to put a plate of food on the table each night. As embarrassing as it was in the beginning, I realised that this was our only option. It was either ask for help or starve. Thinking back, I don’t regret anything. I think back and know that I did the best I could at that stage to provide for my family.

December: Byren found a job again at the beginning of the month which took off so much stress off both of us. Knowing that at the end of the month we would once again have to two pay checks coming into our home and that we would actually be able to have a nice Christmas this year.

This year wasn’t the best we’ve had. This year, or a year like this one, I never want to have over again. Yes, we had some good things happen to us this year, but there was just too much negativity that clouded over everything.

I hope that next year will be better, I hope that next year will bring more joy and happiness and laughter.

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