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Blog Series: New Year’s Resolutions 2016 – Verushka Ramasami

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  1. List your top five resolutions:
    1) Take care of my body ,mind and soul.
    2) Be grateful start a gratitude journal.
    3)Focus on what is important and not get distracted.
    4)Be positive.
    5)Work on my passion.
  2. How do you hold yourself accountable for keeping your resolutions? 

    I tend to be rather hard on myself for the first month as they say if you do something for 21 days in a row it becomes a habit. And once it is a habit then it does not feel like hard work. Mid way through the year I also do a reflection check of my resolutions and I find writing it down (blog) makes me accountable.

  3. How do you define what the most important goals are?
    As we get older we become very selective about the resolutions we decide on. I make sure that they are goals that are specific, manageable, realistic and have a time frame.
  4. What are the consequences of not achieving your goals?
    I try to not beat myself about not achieving my resolutions as long as I keep on trying. Though this year I am tempted to start a Penalty Jar and for every time I go off I need to put in R100 this way I can save and “punish” myself.
  5. What are some of the obstacles in your way?
    Time, Work, Temptation, Procrastination are just some of the obstacles that prevent me personally. Our friends and family can also be obstacles if they keep stopping you eg.” go on have a biscuit it wont kill you”.
  6. Share some light advice on the best methods/ways to keeping your resolutions that work for you.
    1) Make a short list of resolutions 5 max.
    2) Start the Penalty Jar.
    3) Try the 21 day consistency route.
    4) Be specific about your resolutions.
    5)Be realistic.

A 30-something Lifestyle Blogger from Durban. A domestic goddess with a mild addiction of all things British. Born of gypsy blood naturally means a life of travel. I share my world with the world. Find me online taking over the world one social media post at a time.

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