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Blog Series: New Year’s Resolutions 2016 – Amy Calitz

Name: Amy Calitz (Mastering Flânerie)

  1. List your top five resolutions:Amy Writer Pic.jpg

    For 2016, I plan on
    1) Eat only organic foods;
    2) Write a blog post at least once a week;
    3) Be on the Dean’s Merit List;
    4) Go on a weekly hike;
    5) Gain 500 new blog followers.
  2. How do you hold yourself accountable for keeping your resolutions? 
    I focus on how I would feel if I didn’t achieve my resolutions, and use that as motivation. At the beginning of every year I sit down and establish the various things I need to do in order to achieve all my resolution. I then make a kind of check list for each month to make sure I am always on track.
  3. How do you define what the most important goals are?
    I think about which goals will be the most useful in the future, and benefit me the most in life. For 2016, getting high marks at University will help me the most in achieving my long-term goal of studying a masters in neuroscience in Europe. Organic eating and hiking are important in the long-term in terms of health. Whereas blog related goals are more important in my relaxed, hobby side of life, as opposed to important factors for my future.
  4. What are the consequences of not achieving your goals?
    My goals are all realistic, in the sense that if I do not achieve them it will not be the end of the world. Obvious goals like getting my degree and staying healthy would have much more serious repercussions if I did not reach them. Thus there are no serious consequences, but I will definitely feel very disappointed with myself if I do not achieve them.
  5. What are some of the obstacles in your way?
    Time is my biggest obstacle. Blogging and hiking are two ‘non essential’ activities while I’m at university. So really I have to work extra hard to ensure that I have some free time on my hands during the weekends to get those fun things done.
  6. Share some light advice on the best methods/ways to keeping your resolutions that work for you.

    1. Set realistic goals – don’t set yourself up for failure.
    2. Think about resolutions that will fit in with your routine – if it doesn’t fit, then it’s probably not a viable goal.
    3. Throughout the year, set mini finish lines for you to complete at the end of each month, to ensure you will reach your goals at the end of the year. It’s important to think long term, and not immediate results.
    4. If you have a bad month, move on and focus on doing better the following month.

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