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Blog Series: New Year’s Resolutions 2016 – Rolene

Name: Rolene {Momma Making MemoriesNew Years resolutions

Every December life calms down as everything turns to a stop on Christmas, just to be kick-started a few days later. The New Year brings new opportunities and new hope for something better.

Every year we try to improve and better ourselves. My top five New Year’s resolutions are as follow:
I need to spend more time with God.
Becoming quiet and spending time with God helps me a lot to survive everyday life. I want to spend more time in His presence this coming year.

I want to improve my lifestyle.
As a woman, I have to include something about weight and beauty. I am going to change my resolution from losing weight to improving my lifestyle. Making better food choices and becoming more active will be one of my objectives the coming year.

Keeping to my budget is also on my list for next year.
I already have a planned budget, so for the first month I am going to make a note every time I spend money to see where the money is going. Then I need to compare the two and make changes if necessary.

In the next 12 months, I want to sort out our house.
I decided to divide the house into smaller areas and make a list. I will spend one month in an area doing the following:  cleaning the area; I want to throw away or give away any unused items, and sort through paperwork and drawers. By focusing on one area at a time, I will not feel overwhelmed.

I definitely want to laugh more in the next year.
I am not sure how to monitor this one, but my husband will tell me if I am successful in laughing more. I think if I spend more time with my family (I want to say especially my baby, but my husband can also be very entertaining) more laughter will be guaranteed. If I am successful in spending more time with God, I will be more relaxed and less stressed about everything and also laugh more.

I will try to accomplish my New Year’s resolutions by making many lists. If I have a list I feel in control and every time I tick something off I reach a goal.

My husband will support me in my endeavour and help me if I lose motivation.

One of the obstacles might be to have enough available time for everything, but breaking the goals down in smaller pieces combined with good planning might do the trick.

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