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Blog Series: New Year’s Resolutions 2016 – Lindi Mogale

Name: Lindi Mogale {A Well Heeled Woman}

  1. List your top five resolutions:Face profileLindi.jpg

    For 2016, I plan on
    1) Spend 4 more hours a week extra with my sons and husband;
    2) Deliver high quality and on time in the current system implementation I am involved in;
    3) Complete my Honours Degree;
    4) Be consistent in my weekly personal bible study;
    5) Launch my branding business.
  2. How do you hold yourself accountable for keeping your resolutions? 
    I keep a list of the resolutions as well as a date on which I want to have accomplished them.  If it is a lifelong goal or a change in lifestyle goal, I give myself a date on which I must be able to see noticeable difference.

    For the other resolutions, every month, on the first week of the month I go through my short to medium terms goals to see if they are still relevant to me, how far I am from achieving them, I celebrate what I have achieved.  This is important with resolution or year goals because they can get lost in the daily grind of life.  I am very hard on myself anyway, so it is like having an extra slave driver around.

  3. How do you define what the most important goals are?
    The most important goals are related to my family, around the quality of my relationship with my husband and sons, I am always reviewing this as it is critical that I invest my mind, heart and time into it. I also have other goals related to the rest of my important relationships and how I grow and keep those alive.

    It is important that I also look after myself as a woman and that I grow, so some of my goals focus on my fitness and my education and career. I believe if my family and then myself are okay then it is easier to focus on Work-related goals.

  4. What are the consequences of not achieving your goals?
    The worst consequence would be if I disappoint my husband and sons, and myself by not reaching the goal next year. For the second, I could lose my job. My week personal study is about my spiritual growth which contributes to how I show up at home and at work – so failure there means I have lesser reserves to accomplish my day to day.
  5. What are some of the obstacles in your way?
    Like most woman I think my biggest obstacle is time, carving time into small pieces so there is enough to go around.
  6. Share some light advice on the best methods/ways to keeping your resolutions that work for you.
    Keep a list of everything everywhere – I procrastinate when I can’t find my list – I also set a ridiculous amount of reminders on all my devices so I can be reminded to accomplish all my goals, this drives my husband crazy.


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