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Teething Terrors

With Gremlin hitting just over five months, there’s drool everywhere and everything is going directly into his mouth. PicsArt_11-22-03.10.30

I forgot about this time in a babies life. I forgot about the terrors that come along, holding hands with those teeth wanting to emerge.

I forgot about the gore nappies, I forgot about the little sleep and the constant irritation. I’ve started using a base for teething comfort,  but it doesn’t seem to be strong enough to last longer than an hour or two. For the last three nights I’ve been awake for a few hours with Gremlin waking up and then staying awake for two hours, staring into the darkness and cooing. I love my kid plenty but at 02H00, this isn’t how I’d like to be spending my time.

I never had any issues with Monster. He was an easy baby when it came to the teething; no extreme nappies, no fevers, nothing. I was kind of hoping for the same with Gremlin, but yes, every kid is different.

PicsArt_11-22-03.15.38Apart from everything happening in his life with the teething, he’s sitting very well on his own propped up with pillows. He hardly needs support sitting on his own at this stage, you just need to make sure you’re very close by for the moment he decides to topple over.

Though he hasn’t mastered sitting yet, he has already figured out that lying on his stomach allows him to move backwards. I can’t remember at around what age babies are suppose to start moving around like this but Gremlin is doing it. I see busy times ahead of us. I’m hoping that we’ll be able to keep up with two busy bodies living under one roof.

Luckily with one child, you need to keep them busy. With two, the oldest keeps the younger one busy – a little less grey hairs for you to colour at the end of each month.


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