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Talk with Toddler: 40 Months

My dear Monster,

What’s news in your life?

There are a few things I’d like to share this month with you, about you.

You’ve grown up so much already, even though I know we still have a long way to go. My heart sings with happiness when I see how much you have come out of your shell. I know it’s been a few months since you’ve moved to your new school and that we should’ve seen the change back then already.
In truth, we are seeing the change. We see the change every day. My big boy is smiling every day; singing and dancing, sharing with us and even feeling comfortable around other kids again. It assures me that you’re in a good place when you’re not at home with us and that you are happy and safe.

Your first school concert in coming up in two days! I don’t think you understand being nervous about something yet, but Mama is feeling it. I’m waiting in anticipation to see you perform and sing, wearing your cute little outfit and beaming at us. All I know is that it’s a farm theme and you’re dressing up as a farmer. I’ve noticed you softly singing songs to yourself when you think no one is listening, but I haven’t figured them out yet. Saturday is going to be a big day!


You’ve recently become a big fan of family group hugs. It’s become such a fun activity that you need to repeat the act a few times until you’re happy and then it’s still not enough. It also gets a little tricky when you want to hug us while I’m cooking dinner; we might have a burned dish one night.

You’ve also now started scolding Daddy and I if we share a kiss or hug. We’ll hear a “Guys, no” in the background with you then running towards us, pushing Daddy away and giving Mama a kiss instead. Have we reached the “Don’t touch my Mama stage?

A new routine that I’ve noticed when calling bedtime row calls is that you grab every single toy of the same type you can see. Then with your hands finally full, you stand trying to figure out how you will be carrying all this to bed. Eventually, you will start handing me a toy until my hands are full and you have a toy in each hand. You’ll then gladly mission off to bed with me scuttling behind you with the goods. I see what you did here; I’m the carrier, I do the hard work.
Well, I’ll do it with pleasure 🙂

We’ve figured out the secret to waking you up in a good mood. We all know – you are NOT a morning person. So we let Gremlin lie next to you in bed while you are waking up. All you do then is: smile, kiss his forehead and cuddle him. The only problem is if we don’t take Gremlin away from you after a while, you’ll be a handful again because then you’ll be too relaxed and lazy.

Brother Love

Speaking of your little brother, it warms my heart seeing how much you love him and how you protect him. There are even some days where none of the kiddies in your school are allowed to come close to him because he is YOUR brother, and you’re the only one allowed to play and cuddle with him.

Always stay the sweet and loving child that you are, my angel.
Love you always,
Your Mama

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