Random Thoughts

The ‘T’ Factor

This might be my own fault. This might be my own curse. But I’m ready to do something about it.

I trust too easily. When I trust, I trust hard.
I don’t work on the method of people earning my trust. No. I give all my trust to you. Every ounce of it. Then it’s up to you to keep it.
So if you do break it, it’s over.
I’ll have a lot of trouble trusting you again. I might never even trust you again, depending on how you broke my trust.

However, with some people, I trust over and over again. No matter how much you broke my trust, and you broke me, I still trust. There’s a level you reach eventually where you just turn around and show a big middle finger. You reach a point where you realise the relationship isn’t worth the pain, disappointment and betrayal. As well, if the person doesn’t ever admit what they do, but blame shift the whole way through, you know it’s time to get off the train.f89388de6c73f4a6212e36d9d3dce5fa

Today, I’ve made the decision to write off someone quite “big” in my life.
{Not really “big”, never see him anyway at any events in our lives as we should.}

Fly high, Middle Finger, fly high and proud!

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