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Baby Babbles: 5 Months

Dearest Gremlin,

So officially I start off your letter, one of many more to come.

You’re five months old already. I know how many more times I’m going to complain about how fast you’re growing up.

We’ve just started you off on solid food & it’s turning into a slippery experience. I’ve picked up mashed pumpkin from the strangest places in the living room. I don’t know how you do it.

You’re trying really hard to sit on your own already. Don’t know what the rush is – I want you to be little for just a little longer. Once these big milestones start to fall in place, it feels like you’re losing more & more of your baby side, & I’m honestly not ready for that just yet.11988443_1067706796574970_4563732538489385353_n

You’re a very friendly baby. Very friendly, I repeat. You hardly cry…
Unless you’re left alone without attention for a bit or you’re really tired. Otherwise, it’s just smiles all the way, all day. Especially when you decide that you’re done sleeping from 2am & it’s time for chatting.

Never lose the sparkle in your eyes.
I love you; every day & a little more.
Your Mama

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