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Blog Series: SAHM vs SAHD – Kamila

Name: Kamila
Age: 30
Child’s Age: 6 Months


1. Are you staying at home because of someone else’s pressure?
No, this is a mutual decision with my husband for the benefit of our little boy.

My plan is to be “stay at home mom” for 2 years, probably until I feel that my boy is ready for school.

2. What was something about being a stay at home dad that surprised you?Postnatal depression was the only thing that I did not expect to happen at all. I felt lonely and thrown into the ocean of motherhood; every day I had tears that could not explain… It only lasted for a couple of weeks, though 🙂

3. What is the hardest part?
The hardest part for me was this huge responsibility on my shoulders and not being able to help my child with stomach cramps. Well, and lack of sleep 🙂

4. What is your favorite part?
The favorite part is my child`s presence in this world! My entire life has divided on “before” and “after” 🙂

5. What is the biggest thing you’ve learned about yourself?
Well, there is nothing that I did not know about myself before the motherhood. Honestly, I still cannot realize I am a mother now 🙂

6. Do you ever regret this decision? {Please explain your answer.}
There was always a fear to fail as a mother before my baby boy came into this world but never a regret, not for a second!

7. Do you feel satisfied with this decision in general?
There is only one word I can use about having a child and being a mother – Happiness!

8. How has your relationship with your partner changed, if at all, from this arrangement?
The relationship has only improved and moved to a new level.

9. Do you sometimes feel resentment towards your working partner?

10. Do you have an equal say in financial decisions?

11. Do you take care of all the household commitments or are they shared with your partner?
I had a caesarean and was able to do nothing for quite some time because of pain, my husband was taking care of entire household during that period and I appreciate it so much! In everyday life, I enjoy doing everything myself 🙂

12. Do you think that only moms should be stay-at-home parents?
Yes. It is natural for a woman to look after children, house and it is natural for man to take care of his family…

13. What are your views on men that demand their partners to stay at home?
I do not agree with that. A woman has to have her own interests, hobby, and work. Devoting yourself to a family only may lead to degradation of the individual.

14. What advice can you give other moms considering staying at home?
Enjoy!!! It is not as hard as it may seem 🙂

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