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Mom’s a Social Junkie – For the Haters

I’m sure some of you have seen the trend going around where women have given out anonymous letters to moms, complaining about their Facebook statuses revolving around their kids as well as mostly posting photos of their kids. 

These women being friends with the moms and sending them hate mail.

To that, I call bullshit.

Firstly. If you don’t like what you’re seeing, there are options on Facebook like unfollowing the person or unfriending them. It’s very easy. Both have a little button you need to click on and it’s done. If you’re too lazy to do that, you can always just scroll past it. {Although it’s ironic that you’re not lazy enough to send out hate mail which takes up so much more time. But okay, your logic is your own.}

Secondly, kids are a person’s pride & joy. If they want to flaunt their little one’s first steps or upload a cute photo of them, let them be!! Each to their own, you know!! You don’t need to air dirty laundry over them because it irritates you. Maybe you’re one of those parents that don’t share anything about your kid(s) on Facebook. Fair enough, some parents do that. That doesn’t give you a ground to stand on and take on the parents that do share.

Your hate and irritation not only eats away at you but hurts the feelings of others. It’s like a revolving virus.

My kids are MY pride and joy! My kids are MY life! I don’t care what you think – if I feel like posting 20 lookalike images in one day, that’s exactly what I will do. If I want to share something that happened that was cute, funny, sad or whatever else, that’s exactly what I will do.


As I said earlier, if it bothers you; scroll past, unfollow or unfriend. And that’s exactly what you should do!

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