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Quiet Moments

Last night I was able to have a quiet moment to myself. A nice relaxing bath. Which is something special, I tell you because when you’re a parent, you don’t have the privilege of having a quiet moment.

And what makes this rare moment even more special? I didn’t have to do it at 11pm. Yip, that’s the time I usually get to take a bath or shower in my home. That’s the only time I won’t be interrupted by anyone.

But no, last night was special. At 8:30, I was able to get into the tub filled with bubbles; with no kids screaming and no kids coming in and out of the bathroom. Peace.

It’s a little exciting stepping out of my usual routine of late night five minute showers and just relaxing long enough to watch the bubbles disappear in the bath.

When you have kids, spontaneous everything steps out the door and locks it up. So when you manage to do something, even if it’s changing your bathing time – it’s exciting as hell!!

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