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Blog Series: SAHM vs SAHD


I sat deep in thought a few days ago and thought, what else can I blog about that doesn’t revolve around my kids. I mean, there is so much more out there.

And the thought popped into my head: Stay at Home Moms vs. Stay at Home Dads.
Yes, there are plenty of SAHMs to find but the dads, a little more tricky. They are there. Just hiding somewhere.

What I like about this series is that it’s very diverse. Not all SAHMs are just staying at home looking after their kids. There are those that work from home, those that are staying at home half of the day until their kids are at school, and so on. Same goes for the dads. There are so many reasons as to why they decided to follow through on this lifestyle!

And that’s what sparked my curiosity! I want to know why; I want to hear the different decisions and opinions, and why it works for them!

So stick around, maybe something here will spark your interest to making a personal decision.
I’ll post links to this original post as I continue through the series.

Stay at Home Mom – Pauline
Stay at Home Mom – Lauren
Stay at Home Dad – Dale Kopping
Stay at Home Mom – Laura
Stay at Home Mom – Heather Step
Stay at Home Mom – Kamila
Stay at Home Mom – My Own
Stay at Home Mom – Melissa de la Croix
Stay at Home – Namreen Sonday

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