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Blog Series: SAHM vs SAHD – Pauline

Name: PaulineIMG_20150208_182741
Age: 44
Child’s Age: 10

  1. Are you staying at home because of someone else’s pressure?
  2. What was something about being a stay at home mom that surprised you?
    Nothing really, I’ve been doing it from when my daughter was tiny.
  3. What is the hardest part?
    Balancing work and school (I homeschool) and household.
  4. What is your favourite part?
    Being able to be a part of my daughters life completely and witnessing every growth she undergoes. I am exploring all her passions with her and learning more about who she is and how best to work together. Love it!
  5. What is the biggest thing you’ve learned about yourself?
    Unless I set fixed times its hard to focus completely on all my obligations. I tend to swing back and forth between several weeks of intense focus on school, and then I slack off on my work and then the pendulum swings and I ease off on school and focus more on work! This is okay for the most part – I do have my week worked out so that I have blocks of time for ‘work’ and others for ‘school’ or ‘me time’.
  6. Do you ever regret this decision? {Please explain your answer.}
    No, no regrets. As we live rurally and I don’t have a drivers license, it makes total sense for me to have my work based at home. Driving up and down twice a day to drop and pick up from school is not a valid option either as my hubby would not get any work done so we also school from home which we love!
  7. Do you feel satisfied with this decision in general?
    Completely, I wouldn’t want it any other way!!
  8. How has your relationship with your partner changed, if at all, from this arrangement?
    It has brought us – as a family and with my partner – very close and in sync with each other.
  9. Do you sometimes feel resentment towards your working partner?
  10. Do you have an equal say in financial decisions?
  11. Do you take care of all the household commitments or are they shared with your partner?
    I do some, he does some. It depends on how hard the other has had to work on a particular day – the one who had more home time will pick up the slack in the household department!
  12. Do you think that only moms should be stay at home parents?
    No. Definitely dad’s should try to make their home a work base as well – I’ve seen it bring huge benefits to the family unit in general.
  13. What are your views on men that demand their partners to stay at home?
    Depends on how the partner feels about it – it’s not for everyone 🙂
  14. What advice can you give other moms considering staying at home?
    Try to manage your time well, create blocks of time that are for work, for your kids, for household and for you. This way you can (hopefully) switch off and focus.  Make lots of lists and ‘to dos’.  But flow with it, if you don’t get it all done today – there is always tomorrow.

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