Random Thoughts

Update: I’m Still Alive

I haven’t been around much to post lately.
Heck, I haven’t been around much in anything at this point. If I get to take a shower every day and wear clean clothes, I’m lucky.

It’s been just over three weeks since Gremlin’s birth and I’m still trying to cope. I mean; looking after a newborn, working from home, cooking, attending to a toddler. It’s not easy business.

When I do think of posting, I consider the time it will take and I then rather opt for watching a movie. If it’s not that, then I’m busy working.
I need to put more effort in this, I know.

A few updates..
Gremlin is completely on formula milk now. With his feeding every one to two hours on me, I was getting to nothing. And I mean nothing. It’s a little difficult moving around and completing tasks with a baby stuck to your boobs. As a result of this, my boobs really started paining badly. The nurse at the clinic told me it’s because he is latching wrong. So I whipped out my boob in front of her to show her that there was nothing wrong with the way he was latching. The problem was there was no healing or resting time on either side. Think about it and then tell me I’m wrong.


Although I breastfed Monster for two months and Gremlin for only two weeks, I didn’t enjoy the experience as much. I loved the bonding but the pain I was feeling was starting to overshadow it.
Monster actually managed to tear my nipple on the side because he was such a fussy eater. And while feeding Gremlin, I could still feel that pain even though three years later it had healed. The time with Monster, I wanted to rip my boob off and throw it far away so I could stop breastfeeding him and switch him to formula. But I held our for as long as I could. I was scared of the judgement.
This time around I learned my lesson that you need to do what you need to do to accommodate both yourself and your baby. No matter what people say.

At the end of the day, it’s your decision.

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