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The First Week

I cannot tell you that having two kids under the age of four is easy. Especially if one of them is a busy toddler boy while the other is a week old newborn.

It’s not easy. Knowing where to split your attention between the two while juggling your own sanity is a little complicated…

My first week has been an emotional roller coaster.
I have cried every day of the week, and most of the time I don’t even know why… Pretty messed up.

I’m learning of new levels of multitasking. Such as attending to two crying kids, while cooking a sort of decent meal and trying not to empty my bladder over my feet – because I can’t make it to the bathroom on time. It takes a special set of skills..

Last week I was mostly alone with Gremlin. While I did try to keep myself busy during the times he was asleep, I couldn’t help feeling so alone all day.
With Monster, Byren stayed at home with me the whole of the first week. This time around, we only had two days and he was back at work again. So in the end, I’ve been alone for a little longer if you also count the days of being at the hospital. I guess one of the reasons I feel emotional all the time is this contributor.
They say this stage passes in time as your hormones reverse and change back to their old selves. Until then you just need to stick through it and hope your partner is understanding.

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