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Peace of Mind

imageMonster has been home all week with me. Mostly because Byren has been sick and I can’t drive at this stage, but also because it’s nice to spend some time alone with him before Gremlin arrives.
Which is tomorrow already!! Can you believe it? Because I can’t! I can’t believe that in less than 12 hours, our little angel will finally be brought into this world.

It’s funny I haven’t started nesting as badly as I expected I would have today. I have set up a list of everything I need to do today before I leave for my four-day hospital stay. It will give me peace of mind knowing that I left my house in a state that I’m comfortable with. Although I know it will look the total opposite when I’m back with two boys in the house on their own.

We’re taking Monster to Byren’s parents tonight. His overnight bag has been packed. His school bag for tomorrow has been packed. Everything is ready.

I’m planning on repacking my own hospital bag today, just to make sure that everything is in there. I know it won’t be an issue if I do forget something as Byren can just drop by with it later, but as I said earlier… For my peace of mind..

Last night, Monster was extra cuddly and gave me lots of kisses and attention. He even helped me cook dinner, where he could.
imageMy little boy is becoming less and less ‘little’ with all the things he is doing. He even packed away his own toys, which is usually a mission and a tug-o-war situation. He listened well last and complied with {almost} all instructions given to him. Bath time was still a fight, as every other evening..
imageI’m a little worried about how Monster will be feeling and acting with me gone for four days. He’ll come visit me at the hospital with Byren but it’s not the same as at home. I’m the one who tucks him in every night and I wake him up every morning as well. At the hospital, he’ll only see me during certain hours and for him to understand why might be a little difficult. Yes, he might be a little older now but it doesn’t mean he understands the situation entirely. How do I wrap my mind around not worrying about this so I can find some mind rest while I’m at the hospital?

At this stage, I’m taking it a step at a time. There’s nothing else more I can do!


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