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Saying Goodbye to 36 Weeks

imageAha, I’ve just finished 36 weeks of my pregnancy. I feel relieved. I feel blessed. I feel grateful.

Someone wise {or maybe not} once told me that the more discomfort you feel, the better because it means you are one step closer to carrying full term and having a good ending to your pregnancy.. All is good with that thought, expect the part where you are in constant discomfort and pain. It’s not fun.

Yesterday we finally went for the Maternity Shoot!! Yay! It’s finally done and we had so much fun! “Well, I did..”. Monster was running around with props and popped into the photos every now and then.. We tried very hard to pose with us and even try a few natural shots, but he was just too busy to stay still in one place. As for Byren… Well, he’s not fond of doing photos and photos hoots but I appreciated his effort and that he was willing to make an idiot of himself. That’s love!

We’re going for another scan on Wednesday and I suspect this might be the last one. We are setting the time for the C-Section for the 12th of June and will probably discuss how things are going to go down. I suspect that if I don’t go into labour before then, we might have yet another appointment next week some time for the very last check up.

My nerves are starting to rattle at this stage. Just under two weeks left. And it’s also not to say that I won’t go into labour before then. My body isn’t going to say, “Hey, no worries. You just relax. We have a scheduled date. This baby ain’t coming before then. No stress.” No, it doesn’t work that way.

I’ll keep you guys updated if it does go down before the scheduled date. Although you’ll probably find out a few days later only. But you will know, either way. 🙂

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