Random Thoughts

Just a Little…

imageI have two weeks left and I’m freaking out a little.. Just a little…

Last night I had a dream about what pants I should wear post-hospital to make sure my scan heals properly.. Yeah.. There’s something new every night.

I can’t not feel anxious.. I’m scared shitless out of my skull and there’s no turning back now. There’s no more “Oh I have four months to go. Still a while…”.. Or “I’m hardly showing because I’m only six months along.”…

Nope. None of that. It’s all about to be over in two weeks. And forget hardly showing. My tummy enters a room before the rest of me does. And I waddle like crazy when I walk. There’s no two way about it. I’m ready to pop. But not like what happened on Monday morning pop. I can wait another two weeks, but I won’t call myself a happy chap.

I’m in pain. I’m uncomfortable. I’m light headed. I get shortness of breath from walking across my living room. Sex is now off the menu for the next few weeks which isn’t so much of an issue for me, but Byren has started dropping slight hints of complaint lol. Unfortunately, that comes with the package of pregnancy!

I’m pretty prepared for Gremlin’s arrival. Everything has been packed out and packed right, and repacked. Then moved around. Sorted again. Packed again. Sounds like I’ve been nesting a lot but, to be honest, this is nothing compared to how I was nesting with Monster. Three months of non-stop nesting. I’m glad it wasn’t as bad this time round.

I think I’m ready mentally. I feel fine now. But closer to the time I’ll probably freak out just a little… Just a little…

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