Random Thoughts

Talk with Toddler: 34 Months

Dear Monster,

Well, well, another month has passed by. Which means we have just over two weeks until Gremlin’s arrival. After almost eight months of waiting, two weeks doesn’t seem like much!

It’s really nice hearing you say “Baba” every time you see my bulging stomach. And you always have a smile playing around when you say it. It’s awesome because it shows that you’re understanding what’s happening {sort of}.

I’m glad we don’t have to answer questions about how a baby made his way into Mama’s tummy. I’m relieved knowing that most of the talking will be done by Daddy  when you’re old enough of course. Then he’ll have to do it again with Gremlin. Yes, relieved is the word.
imageYour favourite activities this month have included making a statement every time you {and whoever else} farted. “Goodbye, more privacy..” 

Of course, it was funny the first few times. We laughed. A lot. But now, it’s a little uncomfortable because you feel judged every time you go through the natural ways. Then you always screw up your face as if you’re disgusted – and that you’re judging. But you’ll never give yourself the same treatment.

Another activity you’ve been enjoying is blessing everyone when they sneeze. Even if I fake sneeze, which I did a few times to teach to you to respond with ‘bless you’. Hey! It worked!! And you make it sound more sincere than most adults do!

It seems there’s something new every month to your growing list of weird and wonderful things.

Just remember to never stop being yourself!

Love you always,

Your Mama

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