Random Thoughts

The Small Things

I’m not one for big gifts.. Or big celebrations at the right times of the year.

I believe in the small things. The small presents, the small gestures.

Byren and I have been in a bit of a nip and tuck these last few weeks. Some issues that can be avoided just keep on coming up.

Mother’s Day was sort of forgotten. For me, it’s not a bother if I don’t receive any gifts or cards. Acknowledgement goes far more than presents. But I was a little hurt that it wasn’t remembered.

So this morning, Byren rocked up at my workplace with these beautiful flowers.

11149374_1008304442515206_8682401163948416794_nI was taken aback as it wasn’t expected at all. But it made me feel so happy. It made me feel appreciated. And it made me feel like I exist in this world that is crawling with so many other people.

It’s the small things..

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