Random Thoughts

The Guest List

DSC_0039It’s funny how something that is personal to you can be frowned upon by others.

I mean, when planning something, you decide what happens and what doesn’t, right? Then why do people have to come with opinions and criticism for things that you do for yourself?

I organised my own baby shower for Gremlin. I was lucky my mom was able to cover everything for Monster’s baby shower. This time around I couldn’t expect her to carry the costs again. So I decided to organise the baby shower myself and cover the costs myself, with no help offered.

For me doing everything on my own meant that I wouldn’t be able to throw a massive blow up for a big baby shower. Expenses for a great shower can run high depending as well on how many guests you would be inviting.

So this time around, I didn’t have a large guest list. I only invited people that were a constant part of my life. Such as people I kept in good contact with, or people I saw more than once a year. People who put an effort in after they attended Monster’s baby shower.

I thought to myself, why invite those who don’t care about me or my family in other times, but still expect an invite to a social event? Sure, the more people I would’ve invited would have resulted in getting more gifts. But why invite people for that reason? What’s the point of that? I could easily just buy the items I didn’t receive later on. Extortion of people for gifts isn’t my thing, it would be cruel as well as defy the whole purpose of having those guests there for the company.

So now that my baby shower has passed, I’ve been receiving a few messages filled with sarcasm that certain people weren’t invited. I’m sorry to say, but I don’t feel guilty about who I invited and who I didn’t invite. I don’t see a reason for inviting everyone I know. Firstly, if I’m not involved in your life

Firstly, if I’m not involved in your life and you’re not involved in mine. Why do I need to invite you to anything that is a part of my life? Do I receive this type of courtesy from you?

Secondly, sending me messages filled with sarcasm trying to make me feel guilty is a waste of time. I have reasons for inviting whom I invited, and if you weren’t on that list – there was a reason. Seeing that the event has passed already, your message to me doesn’t achieve anything but show you out as a whining bitch.

Thirdly, I don’t need to explain to anyone why my guest list had certain names on it. It was my baby shower, my money, my day. You can’t hold that against me. Get over it.

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