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Scrambled Letters

Ahhh, my baby shower is now in the past and the only thing really left is my maternity shoot. Then I know that everything on my list of pre-labor ‘things to do’ is marked off. So all that is left is the actual labor.

Scary how quickly time has passed and how close we are to Ehren’s arrival. I don’t think we fully understand how quickly time passes until we are close to a big event happening. Then we stop to think… Time really waits for no more.


I spent last night redoing my maternity shoot props. I might have gotten a little high from all the acrylic paint I was exposed to, but I feel better today! I know the letters are scrambled in the photo, but it’s a mixture of four words; Ehren, family, love and brothers. Hey, why not? A maternity shoot is supposed to be fun and creative.

I’m looking forward to the maternity shoot. And this time, Chase will be involved as well. Taking photos with us, laughing and having fun. It’s also a great way to involve Chase in the process and make him feel that he is more involved than he sometimes might feel.

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