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The Not So Pretty Side of Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the most beautiful experience a woman can go through.
I have heard this so many times. And I agree it is, looking at the bigger picture.

But deep down, it’s not all that beautiful. As soon as moms start going into detail, you hear about the pain and discomfort. And trust me, every mom I’ve spoken to has had a story that was told without a proud smile on her face.
Point out a woman that had the best flawless experience and I will call bullshit on that. Every mom has gone through a pregnancy pain, whether it be heartburn, back pain, cramping, constipation, morning sickness and any other discomfort that accompanies pregnancy. Even if you suffer in silence and only tell yourself about the incident, you’ve complained and it counts.

I must say I had it much easier while pregnant with Monster. Aside from the constant heartburn and waking up almost every night with both legs cramping, it was an easier pregnancy.

This time around, there’s more discomfort. A lot more.

1. Back pain

Oh yes. Every day. Every. Single. Day. Especially upon waking up and in the evenings. I thought a pregnancy pillow would help as it says on the packaging. But oh no. They promote false advertising.

2. Constipation

No matter how much fiber I eat. No matter how much water I drink. It doesn’t relieve it. And I can’t tell you about the fun I have enduring cramps and waiting for the last minute before rushing to the loo to avoid straining myself.

3. Heartburn

The amount of heartburn I have been enduring will result in me giving birth to a baby Chewbacca.HhxKtNo matter what I eat or drink, I have heartburn. Even if I eat anything small, it feels like I have had a supreme meal and deserve the suffering.

4. Leg Cramps

Oh yes. The wake-up in the middle of the night really is the highlight of my night. The worst is Byren has had to wake me up a few times because I was crying in my sleep from the pain. Then he will sit and massage my legs until the cramps go away. Don’t even try walking until the pain goes away. You will fall right down. Danger alert.

5. Sex

It happens, it’s just not as comfortable with a big belly in the way. And forget shifting around. You choose a position and you take it through till the end. There’s some grunting involved, but you don’t want it occurring from the fact that moving around is now an official exercise and takes as long as five minutes just to shift a little bit.

6. Bladder Control

I did my Keagals. While I was cooking, reading a book, at work, socializing. You would never have know and we’ll keep it that way. So yeah, it’s supposed to help with strengthening your bladder. But I believe that’s a lie. A big one. I still have a little surprise each time I want to sneeze, laugh, cough; even stand up too quickly. I could probably blame it on the weight resting on my bladder at this point in time. But after almost two years {before falling pregnant again} I was still having these uncomfortable situations. Keagals – a way to keep women believing in bladder control silver lining without much effect from it.


3 thoughts on “The Not So Pretty Side of Pregnancy

  1. Ugh, I’m right there with you. It really has gotten worse with each baby, too. I just started getting the leg cramps at night, last night. They are miserable!! We will be done soon. That’s all we can really say to console ourselves anyway 😉

    1. Totally agree! But they say see the discomfort as a blessing at the end stages. It means you’ve carried your baby for longer and you don’t have to worry about having a prem. 🙂

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