Random Thoughts

Tick – Tock

PicsArt_1430818659052As time continues to slip away to Gremlin’s arrival, I realize a little more each day how much of my time I’ll be taking away from Monster.

Sure, he’s not a kid that wants constant attention and is more than happy with keeping himself busy. But the moment when he wants your attention, he wants all of it. So I have a feeling that the need will increase as soon as Gremlin is in the picture.

It’s kind of like with Daisy, our dog. He’ll sometimes play outside with her, but most of the time he’s not bothered by her. As soon as someone else is giving Daisy attention, Monster will worm his way in and try and take away all your attention from Daisy. It happens every time like clockwork.

So I’m feeling that it might be the same with Gremlin. As soon as Monster will see that I’m attending to Gremlin’s needs, he’ll want to involve himself more under my attention and that could cause some tension with tantrums. I’m a little worried about his adapting to a new baby in the house. A little worried about being alone at home so much with two kiddies under my attention.

I know I can handle it. It’s been done by other mom’s, whether single or married, but I think once I’m in the situation itself, I’ll be able to perform better under the circumstances.

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