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Talk with Toddler: 33 Months


Dear Monster,

I’m a little late with writing this letter to you; the weekend marking off another month was hectic for me, even though you wouldn’t understand at this age. I don’t really want to dwell on it as it wasn’t a good time.

Here’s a thought… You’re two months away from turning three years old.

Three? Did I say that correctly? 

I know I complain about how fast you are growing and how I can’t stop time, but every time we get close to your birthday, I realise how quickly a year has gone by and how many changes you have gone through.

School issues? None.

You are blooming with every passing day. Singing, dancing, engaging in conversation. You don’t even reject other adults around you anymore. You socialise with other children. To think that at the beginning of the year, you hardly even wanted to speak to us, your parents.

Today, you’re a different person. I do believe I have one person to thank for that – your teacher, Angelique. Without her help, patience and understanding, we wouldn’t have gotten far with getting you out of your shell. She has had a huge impact on your life and I am forever grateful for her input.

So there is barely any time left on the calendar before Gremlin’s arrival and I worry about your reaction to a new baby in the house. We have been coaxing you into the coming event stage by stage, involving you in any way we can.

In my mind, I’m turning and twisting the situation, wondering about your reaction and attitude towards a new baby in our home. Whether you’ll feel rejected or unwanted. I know that sounds a little far-fetched, but I can’t begin telling you how many mums’ have warned me about that. But then again, just because their kids that, doesn’t mean that you will.

In my heart, I know you’ll be okay. I know that because we’ll still be as close as we are now. We’ll just have to adjust our times and attention spans a little. But that won’t be an issue.

We’re family, and we stick together.

Love you always, my monster,

You Mama

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