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Growing Up

mommymomentsbutton2aOn Monday night, my neighbour went in for her Cesarean and the birth of her son.

We didn’t want to intrude on the first evening so we went to visit her last night. Private hospitals are very strict with their visiting hours, as well as who is allowed to enter the ward.

Children under 12 {that are not direct siblings to the mother} are not allowed in the ward. I can understand the rule with all the sicknesses and diseases that can be passed on to a newborn.

While I went into the ward, Byren and Monster stayed outside the ward. I was gone for a good half an hour and left just before visiting hours were over. I knew Byren wouldn’t need a lot of time to the see the baby before needing to leave {he hates hospitals}.

After I left the ward, I found Byren and Monster in the waiting room along with relatives of the family we were visiting. To my utmost surprise {and shock}, Monster was sitting calmly in one of the chairs, playing with his car toy and not making a sound.

To understand my reaction, I need to clarify on the scene I usually walk in on. If one of us leaves Monster’s presence in a place he’s not familiar with, there are usually tears and tantrums. Followed by throwing whatever he has in his hands to the floor. And screaming, lots of screaming.

Here he was, all calm and happily playing in the corner. When he saw me, he ran up to me, gave me a kiss and a hug and continued playing again. I just sat there watching him, thinking to myself “Is my boy growing up?”.

When we were leaving, Monster was walking behind me with Byren. He ran up to me and took my hand and started walking beside me like a big boy. I was overcome with emotion. In the once sense, I’m glad he’s growing up and learning to adapt to situations but, on the other hand, it hurts that he’s not that dependant on me anymore. The more he grows, the less he needs me to help him with stuff or do things for him.

When we arrived at home, he kissed both Byren and I goodnight and went up to his bedroom on his own. He was now ready to sleep. Amazing. I quickly just changed his clothes and cleaned him up for bed. He was even becoming impatient with me for taking too long. Once again, amazing.

I went to bed last night, thinking how proud I was of him and his behavior at the hospital. As I said, usually we have a murder scene on our hands, but last night he surprised us all and handled himself differently.

Feeling so proud of my growing boy.

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