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Size Matters

2015-03-10 18.14.36

I took this photo about two weeks ago, aiming at writing a post about it and never got to it.

I’ve come to the realisation that I have no idea how newborns work. I have no recollection of how I got through those first months. The careful handling. The ‘no sleep’ stages. The constant attention.

If I look at Monster today, I realise how easy I have it with a toddler. He is able to feed himself, keep himself busy with play. He listens and understands instructions. Yes, compared to having a newborn again, this is the easy side.

I worry that I won’t remember how to be gentle with Gremlin. How to make the transition from a toddler to a newborn again. I worry about not giving so much attention to him because I’m used to a child that can {semi} take care of himself.

Look at the different size of the nappies. The smallest and the biggest {for kids} that you can buy. And the shirt sizes.. It is very daunting thinking that Monster once wore such small clothes and look at the size of the clothes he wears now. It’s scary to think that it was almost three years ago that he was still wearing such tiny clothing.

It’s a scary thought starting all over again.

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