Random Thoughts

Bad Mama: Potty Pains


The potty has been untouched for a week now. It’s just standing there in the bathroom, really wishing to be used. But Monster refuses it’s company.

Sigh. We were doing so well the first week. Four success {half on the bathroom floor} times. It was going well. One more successful sit down and we would’ve bought him a present for the good work. But now it’s seems like the state enemy.

No matter how many times we take Monster to the bathroom, even if just to sit on the potty and just hope, HOPE, he will do his business, there’s no budging on his side.

At school, he’ll sit. At home – no business. A total boycott to the chair.

I don’t want to force him and make him hate the experience but how will he completely learn what need to be done if we have tantrums trails through the whole session.

Any advice, moms?

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