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Having a Whale of a Time


So my tummy is growing. My discomfort is growing as well. I think I’ve asked Byren a few times how long I still have left. I worry about the end stages of discomfort. If I’m already. so uncomfortable at 27 weeks, how much worse will it get towards the end?? I don’t even want to think about it.

I had an amazing dream last night.. I dreamt that I was already holding Gremlin in my arms and breastfeeding him.. He was older than a newborn and had dark brown hair and blue eyes. Someone in the dream said, ‘You can see Byren in him, but he has so much of you in him..’
Then I remember holding him up and staring at him, trying to find traces of my genes in him.

And that’s when I woke up. In previous dreams, I could never see his face. Only his little body. This is the first time I was able to see everything; his face, his hair and the clothes he was wearing.

Byren and I have spoken about predictions on how Gremlin might look. Byren said he suspects black hair and blue eyes.. I don’t mind the color of the eyes but it would be nice if one of my kids had dark hair. Monster was born with black hair which fell out and is now {still} blond.

Maybe I’ll have better luck with Gremlin. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Having a Whale of a Time

  1. i feel the same hun, feel so uncomfortable at 30 weeks what the hell am i going to be like in 10 weeks .. a mahooosive Whale! But i managed to do it with my son so am sure it will be okay! Just our thoughts…. Have you tried yoga?? to make it more comfy? it works wonders!!

    1. It was much more easier with the first pregnancy so I don’t know why I’m struggling so much this time around.. luckily time goes on quickly… although I know once it’s over, I’ll miss it..

      1. i know that’s the problem isn’t it, you wish for it to be over and be back to your normal self but then you miss everything like the bump :(.. x

      2. Definitely… and the movements! This is my last pregnancy, so I should be enjoying every moment of it.. It’s a little hard when you’re so uncomfortable though.. 🙂

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