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Talk with Toddler: 32 Months


My dear Monster,

I haven’t written to you in a very long time, which I’m really sorry about. This is something I wanted to do that is special for you, but I haven’t really been living up to the standards I’ve set myself.

You’ve been at your new school for over a month now and you’re like a different little human. Not only have you climbed out of your shell, but you’ve left your shell behind. You’ve started dancing and singing for us. You’ve been having fewer tantrums {I’m letting the ones you still have fall under the Terrible Twos category} and our bedtime routine feels like a breeze {almost} each evening. Your vocabulary? Doubled! From the amount of words you were saying at the beginning of the year compared to today? I wonder where you were storing all this information! I think Dadda and I have already had a few days where we wondered what silence sounds like..

Of course, we don’t mean it in a bad way. We want you to talk as much as you can and want to. I think it’s just difficult for us to somehow explain to you that as grown up’s, we have long and tiring days at work and sometimes it’s nice to come home to peace and quiet. It’s not a bad thing, and as I guilty as I feel sometimes with feeling as such, I know you’ll understand when you go through these stages with your own family. {A lot of years from now, luckily. I can’t think of you as an adult yet!}

Gremlin will be joining our family on the 12th of June. It’s scary that now that we have a date, there’s more reality that settles over my heart.

I worry. I worry about how you will react to having a baby in our home, and Mama having to split the attention between the two of you. I worry that I won’t give you enough attention, as much attention as I can handle at the times available. I worry that you will think I’m putting you second best to Gremlin. My angel, I would never do that. Things will be a little different with having a little one in our home. Mama will have to give Gremlin a little closer attention since he’s a tiny bundle that can’t look after himself yet. You, on the hand, are already a big boy. You’re able to do a lot of things without Mama’s help {and sometimes with my help, depending on the patience span I have at that moment}.

Monster, do you know what the best news is? You can help Mama with Gremlin. You can help bringing Mama things she needs and help with cleaning up with Mama if messes are made. At the same time, you can help Mama by packing your own toys away when done with them. Mama would appreciate that so much. You will be giving me a little less to worry about with having two young boys in our house.

Everyone’s equal effort will make the difference 🙂

My dearest monster. I love you so much. No matter how bad my day can be, or how tired I feel, you are always able to lift my mood up with a kiss or a hug. Even a smile does the trick with you.

Never lose the sparkle in your eyes.

Love you always,

Your Mama xx

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