Random Thoughts

Pink Eye Fun

PicsArt_1427359076660Well, not really fun…

Pink eye isn’t awesome, of course. Highly contagious and looks painful – so yes, far from fun.

Last night I noticed that Monster’s eye was a little red and there was a little puss coming out of his eye. There was an ‘epidemic’ at school last week where pink eye was circling around and we had had to just keep our kiddies under observation.

I cleaned his eye up with some rooibos tea and cotton wool to remove the puss. Puss is usually a sign of infection so that much was clear. This morning when he woke up, his eye was very red and pretty swollen so we decided to take him to the Doctor.

So yes, he has been diagnosed with pink eye and since it’s highly contagious, he’ll need to stay at home for at least two days before the symptoms start disappearing. The problem is we couldn’t get his prescription from any pharmacy. Most of the pharmacy’s in our area seem to be sold out of the eye medication that we need to use. Eventually we found it after a half an hour drive, and it was the last bottle on the shelf.

There’s a huge epidemic going around with eye infections so pharmacies are running low on the supply and demand of the medication.

So now we’re at home, and Monster is his usual busy self. Amazing how kids have the ability to still function with ease whilst being sick. I wish us grown ups had such drive..

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