Random Thoughts

Auto Pilot


My nails look like shit. And that’s after I’ve done them. That’s the worse part. I actually tried to make them look pretty and failed.

By backtracking the story a little, I can maybe explain why a simple task of putting color on my nails seems like a task for professionals only.

On Tuesday night, I ended up working until the early hours of the morning to complete an important task for work. I drank a lot of coke and had a chocolate just to keep myself awake to complete at least 3/4 of my work.

Yesterday I was definitely asleep half of the day. I was yawning constantly. I could hardly keep my eyes open if I stood still for too long. I think I may have dozed off for a few minutes at some stage in my office.

The first part of the day was easy. I was fully awake and functioning. But as the day reached mid break, my energy levels just drained out and left me walking on auto pilot.

As tired as I was last night, I still decided to try and do my nails as the previous color was already chipping off them and I had been putting the task off for a couple of days already. My nails might not be looking the prettiest but at least there’s polish covering the whole nail {and some skin above it} and it doesn’t look like I’ve been gardening with no gloves on.

Let’s hope next time I’ll do a better job at a simple female task.

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