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Transverse Position

I was in severe pain this morning. Abdominal as well as lower back pain. So I had a trip to the Gynie again.IMG_20150316_082558

The pain was stretching from the top of my bump all the way to the inside of my womb. It didn’t help in what position I stood or sat; the pain just became worse in some cases.

So Byren took me to the Gynie again and I sat thinking what could possibly be wrong this time with me. I was still feeling light headed and a little dizzy but it wasn’t as bad as it had been last week.

We did the scan and turns out Gremlin is lying across my womb, in the transverse position. It’s very painful. More painful when the Gynie tried to turn him with his hands on my stomach. I thought I was in labour again; the pain was insane. I almost broke Byren’s fingers with all the squeezing. Unfortunately, the Gynie wasn’t able to turn him. He said it’s not that bad or alarming since we’re doing a Cesarean but to help me with the pain and discomfort.

One thing I’m worried about closer to the due date, Gremlin will be a lot bigger than he is now. So we need him to turn as soon as possible. I mean, if I’m feeling so much pain now while he is still small in my womb, how much pain will I have when he is a lot bigger?

The Gynie prescribed me these tiny purple pills that help with slowing contractions in labour. More like relaxing the womb. Yikes. So this way, with my womb more relaxed, Gremlin will have more space to move around in if that’s the problem he is having at the moment. I really do hope it works while he is still small. I don’t want to sit with enormous pain and discomfort until the 12 of June.

So I’m not allowed to bend over. Not allowed to slump over and not keep my back straight. I’m not allowed to pick up any heavy objects. I’m not allowed to carry Monster in my arms anymore. I feel so helpless without being able to attend to the basics of my life.

I guess it’s for the best at this stage.

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