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Superwoman Fail


I really try to live up to the expectation of being a Superwoman but it feels like the bar has been raised too high, and my feet can’t even lift off the floor.

So following my app. on Thursday at the Gynie, I got diagnosed with hypertension. But with low blood pressure. Perfect.
Just what I need, right?

I was told to stay away from a few factors that can lead to my blood pressure dropping again, such as:
>Drinking hot beverages.
>Eating spicy food.
>Driving in a hot car.
>Over dressing.

There might have been more said, but I can’t remember anything else. Oh yeah, I’m also not allowed to drive for a while…

Gremlin is fine. In fact, he has grown over 200gms in two weeks while I have been at the same weight for the last four months… Explain that to me.. Gynie said it’s not a concern as Gremlin is growing and developing well so there’s nothing to worry about. I just can’t understand why I’m not picking up weight as I had with Monster.

So the scare with him not moving in my tummy was actually not a worry.  Apparently sometimes babies like going all the way into the back of your womb where you can’t really feel them since they can’t kick up against anything. Little man had us worried. Funny enough, we had the same scare with Monster and I only remembered after we left the Gynie.

My Cesarean date has been booked. Gremlin’s due date would have been on the 22 of June so the op. is happening 10 days earlier. {I’m referring to it as an operation but I’ll explain why in a different post}. 12 of June doesn’t seem so far away anymore..

Booking my hospital this coming week. It all feels so much more real with an actual date that could well be my due date, if Gremlin doesn’t decide to arrive earlier.

I was suppose to rest this weekend but I didn’t. Yesterday I didn’t dwell too much on cleaning but on sleeping. As soon as Monster went for a nap, I dropped everything I was doing, snuggled up against my preggers pillow and slept as much as I could. Two hours seemed to do the trick but I woke up more tired than I went to sleep.
Then I received a call from Byren, letting me know that we were having guests over in the evening. I tried to clean up as much as I could in the short period of time I had. In the end, I actually couldn’t care less what people thought. I’m not a super-human to just attend to everything in a snap.

So today, I thought I’d catch up with my cleaning. I did. I was busy all day. And I’m tired. I’m so exhausted. Even though I am told to stop and relax, I know that if I don’t clean, no one will so I push myself. I want to start the week with a clean house. Just the small worries for the rest of the evenings but the big chores need to be taken care of.

As tired as I am, I finally have a moment for myself after a nice bath… so I’m watching How I Met Your Mother, having biscuits and a cappuccino… It’s not the best at this time of the night.. But it’s all I really get that can be mine…

2 thoughts on “Superwoman Fail

  1. I’m glad that things turned out okay. Not that you don’t have worries, but that it wasn’t worse. It’s really hard to slow ourselves down when there are things that need to be done but really try to. When someone (a dr) is telling you to rest there is no way you can feel guilty about listening to them 🙂 I’m still thinking about you, everything is going to be okay though, try not to stress and give yourself a much needed break 🙂

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