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The Mother of All Stress


I’m sitting at the Gynie right now…
Emergency session I guess.

I started feeling very tired on Tuesday, passing out early & not really being able to eat anything.
Waking up yesterday was a huge mission, I was super tired and felt like I haven’t slept a wink. I was feeling a little light headed from time to time but made sure to eat well during the day.

This morning, once again, I was dead tired and felt so exhausted. At work I started feeling very light headed and felt myself stumbling over. I might have almost fainted three or four times…
Also the scary part is not having felt Gremlin that much in the last 24h. I know sometimes you don’t feel so much movement if babies lie in the back of the womb, but after 24h, he should have moved out of there.

Phoned my Gynie earlier and he instructed me to eat a chocolate and drink coke for the sugar intake. Then wait 15-30min and see if I felt any movement.
I literally had to force myself to drink the burning liquid and eat the chocolate. I waited for up to an hour just to make sure I gave the sugar enough time to kick in and I felt no movement. Nothing. Not even a slight kick.

So now I’m sitting at the Doctors office, waiting to be seen since I didn’t have an appointment.


I really hope everything is okay… And that I just need rest and to put my feet up for a change…
Keeping all toes and fingers crossed.

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