Random Thoughts

Three Month Countdown

I’ve hit my sixth month of pregnancy and I’ve just realised that it feels as if time has gone by a lot faster than with my first pregnancy.

The thought first came in yesterday when I realised it’s time to book a hospital bed and purchase my maternity starter kit. Then I thought of my hospital bag that I need to pack as well as start packing the first of baby necessities.

Then I thought of the baby shower I still need to finalise.

Where has the time gone to?

As excited as I am, I’m terrified at the same time. It was one thing having a baby at home. It’s another thinking that I’m going to have a baby at home, as well as a toddler. The thought is a little intense on how to manage my time better as well as make sure that everyone gets the needed attention.

Then thinking of finding time for myself {again}. I know it’s not such a big deal of course, but mommies need rest as well. More than what some of us realise. We give so much to our children that we forget that we need to rest as well. And we’re allowed that. We’re only human.

As far as these three months go, I’m going to take a step at a time.. Make one decision at a time as I go along.

I can’t wait to welcome Gremlin into our home and make him part of the family. By that I mean, introducing him to his daddy and big brother.

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