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Oh, Happy Days!

I received constant feedback about Monster from Angelique {the teacher at the new school} yesterday throughout the day.

And I cried tears of joy. She sent me a few photos while the kids were busy with activities and Monster was participating in them. She said that he was interacting with the children there. Monster actually spoke to her and told her she needed to change his nappy and also that he wanted more food..

Here’s my son, who has been in his old school for a year and didn’t want to talk during the day and then my son who starts immediately at a new school and starts talking on the first day?

It was an eye opener. How a change of environment made Monster climb out of his shell and enjoy the activities around him as well as the company.

It was a relief knowing that my baby was having a great time and that he was happy; smiling and laughing again at school.

Just have a look at these photos:







On the last photo, you can see that he is truly enjoying the moment.

Last night he was also a breeze! He didn’t fight to have dinner and ate well. He didn’t throw tantrums. and he ever “read a book” to me. He told me to change his nappy out of his own and bedtime has never been as easy as last night.

Positive influence means positive results.
Happy child – happy parents!!

2 thoughts on “Oh, Happy Days!

  1. I know how you feel! The first time I saw my 2 year old sit at the dining table and have food from his own plate, was at a friend’s place with half a dozen other kids. I felt strange and happy. Here he was all by himself communicating with strangers, it struck me that he is growing. Was overwhelmed..!

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